Arambagh Tree House Booking Price List With All Information

Arambagh Tree House Booking Price List With All Information
Image by Fatema, Image source

Arambagh Tree House Booking Price List With All Information
Image by Fatema, Image source

Are you bored sitting at home or do you want to go somewhere? And if you're looking for a place to hang out in your neighborhood, then you've come to the right place. Today I will tell you about a special resort located in Arambagh, And that is Arambagh Tree House. And this post contains all the information about Arambagh Tree House Booking Price List.

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The feeling of spending the night in a tree house is unimaginable. There you will find all the arrangements you need. If you want to experience this amazing experience you must visit Arambagh Ambagan Tree-House Resort. Here you will find all kinds of services that are available at other resorts, like A.C., T.V., FOOD, BATHROOM, and other important services and And besides, if you have any other problem, you can talk to the Ambagan authorities. There are also some other specialties of this resort like All the chairs-tables and other furniture of this resort are made of bamboo and wood. every tree house are named on the name of mango like Amrapalli, Himsagar, Golapkhus, Totapuri Langra Aam etc. To keep the guests excited at the Ambagan Tree House Resort, there are birds like cockatoo carcasses, and besides that there are other plants and animals. At night you can sit beside a bonfire. These tree-houses are located inside a mango orchard, just as the name ambagan sounds. It is located on the banks of the river Darkeshwar. Here you wake up listening to the song of birds, moreover, there are a variety of flowers. The tree-houses are built on a few palm trees. Here you can  swim in river and in evening you can enjoy an amazing view of river. it is a river facing hotel. you can enjoy river wind by sitting on a chair.

Address :- Pallishree, Holding 408, OB Road, Hooghly, Arambagh, West Bengal

Arambagh Ambagan Tree House Phone Number :- +919230085084
And Their Gmail ID:-


Distance From Kolkata To Ambagan Tree House? 

Arambagh Tree House  is about 90 km from kolkata. If you come by car you will arrive in two to three hours. If you want to come by train, you have to come from Howrah station to Arambagh station first, You can then reach Ambagan Resort by car or other vehicles from Arambagh Station. Or you can come by bike. 

What Kind Of Food Available Here?

Every kind of bengali food are available here like non veg and veg foods. If you want any other kind of food then you can request Ambagan authorities. Believe me they have very good service.

What Kind Of Services Are Available Here?

Like other resort every kind of services are available here like A.C., T.V., Foods, Attached Bathroom etc. And at night you can enjoy bonfire. And at evening you can enjoy river view by sitting on a chair. 

How To Book Arambagh Tree House?

You can book arambagh tree house by calling their help line number, or you can directly visit their resort and book a room for you. But I prefer first option of booking. by calling them you can check every feature and availability. 

Why To Visit Arambagh Tree House? 

In Arambagh tree house you can sleep in nature's lap. ambagan is like a small forest. Ambagan have beautiful view of nature. If you want an amazing experience then you can visit Ambagan.


Lastly I would like to say that Arambagh Tree House is a very beautiful and picturesque place. You will find peace by visiting here. You can come here for your leisure time and you will get all the facilities here. In my opinion, Ambagan Resort is a little different and better than other resorts in Arambagh. Come here and see for yourself why the Ambagan Tree House is better than other tree houses or other resorts.


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